Bar H Twin Lakes
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Bar H Twin Lakes
Hwy. 150 South
Boiling Springs, NC
(704) 434-8011 - (704) 434-2866
"Where Fish Love To Bite"

Bar H Twin Lakes has something to offer fishermen that most pay lakes do not have.
We permit family fishing, as well as tournament and jug fishing. We have a catfish lake and
a carp lake. Most pay lakes require, what could be up to $60-$200 per trip, and all
fishermen to get in on everything offered. We let you pick a program to fit
your billfold. You
may fish for as little as $1 per hour or join in on the jug and/or tournament fun, where you
are competing for cash prizes.

Baits of all types are available at the lake. We offer a selection that is larger than most pay
lakes. We are open every day except for Thursdays. Sunday hours are always 2pm - 8pm.
Sundays are also kids and ladies day.
Kids (under 10) and ladies are free on Sundays,
with a paying adult. The hours for the other days varies with the season, and we offer
several all night tournaments. For current hours just give us a call at 704-434-8011 or
704-434-2866. We are open
all year except for a couple of weeks at Christmas.

Additional fish are added each year to enable you to catch fish most of the time.
No fish
(including catfish) may be removed from the lake. This insures you of a well stocked lake.

Let's Go fishing, at the "Bar H Twin Lakes"
Where the fish love to bite!
"Where The Fish Love to Bite"
For Pictures click the fish or click here
For Pictures click the fish or click here