Gospel Magic
Thurston Hamrick
A Rodeo Cowboy who Performs Gospel Magic

What People are Saying...

Magically Exiting!


A Fun Memory Maker!



Suitable for All

A Clear Presentation of the Life-Transitioning
Love of Jesus Christ!
Gospel Magic Is Suitable For:

Vacation Bible School - Children and Youth Events
- Pastor Fill-In - Church Special Events - Christian
Schools - Birthday Parties - Camps - For any event
needing a magical presentation to
the Christian Faith

Thurston Hamrick
P.O. Box 91
Boiling Springs, NC 28017

704-434-2866 / BarhEvents@yahoo.com
What is Gospel Magic?
Gospel Magic is the use of standard magic tricks and illusions to
promote Christian messages. Gospel Magic is intended to
present the Christian good news through visual parables. The trick
or illusion is used in an entertaining way with the intention that
people will remember the message.